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January 2016

Latest Updates

Astrolabe Reef Access Plan Presentation

Ahead of operations concluding at Astrolabe Reef and before public access for vessels under 500 tonnes can be restored by the Harbourmaster – the Rena Project team has started to present on the details of the Access Plan. To download a copy of the presentation, please click here.

Resource Consent Application

The five week resource consent hearing adjourned on 9 October and the Panel has indicated that it expects to release its decision by February 2016.

The Rena Project team wish to acknowledge and thank all those involved in the hearing.

For more information about this process, please visit:

NZDS Clean-Up Continues

The operation to remove recoverable copper clove has been exhausted – with total of 82.3 tonnes of copper laden sediment removed. A final tonnage of separated copper clove recovered will be confirmed in due course.

The focus now remains on cleaning debris by hand above -30m. Adverse weather and sea conditions hampered operations throughout October, but when good weather allows the NZDS dive team is making good progress removing mainly aluminium ingots, container pieces and loose scrap metal.

Cleaning of the wreck site is expected to continue into early 2016.

Former Debris Field: Before & After Images

These images illustrate the success of a ten month industrial scale clean-up operation to remove the major debris field, which contained an estimated 226 unrecovered containers and their contents from Astrolabe (Otaiti) Reef.