Day 836: Rena Project Update

Full Wreck Condition Survey to be Conducted on Rena

Divers preparing for the next cut and lift operation on the Rena’s accommodation block have observed that the position of the vessel’s stern section on the reef has changed.

A specialist underwater survey has been commissioned, which is expected to provide  a detailed 3D image of the ship’s position, and confirm the extent of the movement and any effect this may have had on the structure. The remaining bow section will also be surveyed.

Captain John Owen of The Swedish Club, the Rena’s insurer said: “The survey will help clarify what impact this movement might have on future salvage operations and any updates necessary to the assessment information of the resource consent application.

“We’re sharing this information now so that the community knows what is happening on site. And to advise that there will be further delays to our work programme,” he said.

“A further update will be provided once the survey has been completed and the information thoroughly assessed, which should be by the end of April.”